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  • Free Yourself from Food Cravings
  • Reset your Metabolism
  • Prevent Disease
  • Achieve your Ideal Weight
  • Have Amazing Energy
  • Take Control of your Health

The ‘Transform with Craig’ Club is no Generic Weight Loss Program, but a Science-Based and 20-year real-world-tested process that I will coach you through to finally take ownership of your diet. Stop guessing or feeling confused about what works for your body. If you are ready, then let us set up your Optimised Diet and Transform!









Nutritionist (CISSN)

Sports Scientist

ACT Therapist

I can not recommend Craig highly enough! The man is a genius!! I first started working with Craig in 2015. I most certainly under ate and over exercised although at the time I was not aware of this. I did Crossfit, HIIT and more active versions of yoga eg. Power yoga, Hot yoga. I went to Craig to check on my hormones mainly. Craig gave me a totally different protocol to follow.  At 47, my body, mind, sleep patterns, stress levels have never been better and that I attribute solely to advice given by Craig!!! He is my guru!!!  

Jenny Brash

The 'Transform with Craig' Roadmap Includes:

1. Twelve Inspiring Modules to Transform your Eating Habits Forever

Module 1: Connect with your Values

Have you had troubles sustaining motivation to be fit and healthy? Have you been a yo-yo dieter? Do you let fear, confusion, or other emotions get in the way of you becoming the person you want to be? This module will set you up for following through on becoming the healthy, vibrant, and active person you want to be. In this module I will guide you through a series of planned steps to bring purpose to your actions.

Module 2: Become an Emotionally Balanced Eater

If you find yourself using food to reward, punish, comfort, or escape something then this module will teach you how to S.T.O.P.  I will share this and other powerful concepts like connecting the D.O.T.S  from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to support you in making the choices that lead you towards your values, goals and the person you want to be. This Module is Life Changing for those suffering from Emotionally Unbalanced Eating. 

Module 3: Become a Mindful and Intuitive Eater

By learning the art of eating mindfully and intuitively, you can increase your recognition of physical hunger and fullness cues. I will also teach you about the triggers that make you want to eat, even though you’re not necessarily hungry. This module will focus on first gaining awareness of how mindful and intuitive you eat through a quiz. Then I will introduce solutions to overcoming them from both a physiological and psychological place. 

Module 4: Become a Diet Biohacker

Once you have created the right mindset to eating next comes the understanding of Dietary Manipulation. I will introduce you to the following tools to help this process: 

  1. Body Composition Tracker
  2. Blood Sugar Tracker
  3. Cell Blueprint


“Having the opportunity to work with Craig Burton changed how I approach optimizing my health and fitness. Craig provided me with the Knowledge and deeper understanding that I needed to continue to make lifestyle changes to promote sustainable, optimal health. His holistic approach and customization to my body’s unique needs allowed me to reach my goals in a healthy way. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have him transform not only my nutrition and health but the way I think and nutrition and health.”                           

Isaac Stone Simonelli

Module 5: Know the Foods that Support and Hurt YOU

You have heard it many times: ‘You Are What You Eat’. Sadly nutritional science has lost a lot of the ‘science’ and has been the source of so much confusion. There is no ‘one size fits all diet’. We are beautifully unique. Crazy as it sounds, but some people have more issues with brown rice than icecream. In this module, you will learn how to find the right foods for your body. I will introduce many simple tools, including one that will help you understand how food affects your energy levels. Our discussion will include how to use a Plant-Based Diet, Elimination Diet and what I call the ‘Anything’ diet.

Module 6: Know WHEN and HOW often YOU need to eat

How often should you eat? At what time of the day should you eat? We will go over critical concepts like Intermittent Fasting, Frequent Feeding, and the Standard BLD (breakfast, lunch dinner) approach in this module. We discuss the pros and cons of each timing and frequency manipulation, and it’s effects on health, longevity and body composition. At the end of this module, you will be able to maximise meal timing and frequency to best suit your body and your goals. I have had so many clients who have only manipulated timing and frequency to suit their needs and achieved amazing results.

Module 7: Know the right Protein, Fat and Carb Ratio for YOUR Body

Understanding your fuel needs is especially critical to sustaining excellent energy levels and optimal body composition. Just like giving your car the wrong fuel if you do this to your body, your outcome will be the same – poor performance. Macronutrient imbalances often lead to blood sugar imbalances which is one of the significant factors for age-related illness (like Alzheimer’s and Dementia) and disease like diabetes. We will talk about Low Carb Diets, Carb Cycling and Balanced Macro-nutrient plans.

Module 8: Know the right Calorie and Portion Size for YOUR Goals

Calories do count when it comes to our health and body composition goals. Though I believe the end goal for finding the right balance is through using your Intuition; however, getting to this state can often be hard. We will use your Diet Design Document, to elaborate on your personal needs, and I will teach you how to manipulate this to reach your goals. I will share my three preferred methods: Daily Tracking, Blueprinting and the Body Modelling method and who should use which one. 

Module 9: Know YOUR Micronutrient and Hydration needs

Cells run on Fuel and Nutrients, and if you lack the essential nutrients, then your cells won’t entirely work – so neither will you. In this module, I will show you how to evaluate your micronutrient needs and how to correct them. I will also share the vital role of hydration in health and how to optimise it for health and also to reduce overeating. A discussion on supplements will also take place and what may be needed to fill in any gaps from your diet and lifestyle.

Module 10: Understand how Sleep and Relaxation affect YOUR Results

Sleep and relaxation play an integral role in how you eat and what your dietary needs are. In this module, I will explain the often misunderstood part of sleep and relaxation on blood sugar regulation. Once you fully appreciate how much these lifestyle actions play a role in your dietary decisions, you can take more control back – especially if you have sugar cravings. I will introduce strategies to improve sleep and allow for better cortisol control.

Module 11: Know how to Move and Train for YOUR Goals

Daily movement is so underrated in achieving health outcomes. I will share the details how important it is to move more. Additionally, for those seeking more training based goals like improved strength and conditioning, then understanding your dietary requirements is critical. As a trained Sports Scientist and Sports Nutritionist, I will teach you how to optimise your diet to support your training efforts for better performance. So whether you seek leaner body composition or more training based goals like improved strength and conditioning, this module will show you how to balance movement and diet.

Module 12: Learn how to Plan and Tweak YOUR Diet

This module goes into more practical aspects like meal prepping – which is a skill that can free up so much time and energy. I discuss the tweaks you can apply to ‘adapt’ your style of eating/diet as you continue in moving towards your health goals. For example if you hit a Fat-Loss Plateau, I will share the key dietary and lifestyle changes you can implement to continue moving forward.

2. Ongoing Support through a Forum

Research shows that group participation in a weight loss and health program has many benefits when compared to a person going it alone. One of the methods of recreating this group-like atmosphere is through the use of a Forum. Therefore I created a space for you to ask questions, but also make comments and get support and motivation from fellow participants. 

In my opinion, one of the most underrated aspects of long term success is accountability, and there is nothing better than surrounding yourself with like-minded people to help with that.  

I am eternally grateful to have met Craig Burton who has been massively helpful and a total game changer to my and my clients’ lives. Craig’s education, professionalism and experience has made him unique in his approach to help someone take a new perspective, find the motivation they need and look deeper into their physical and mental state to completely transform not only their health, but their lives.  There are few people I know who have the integrity, honesty, morals and values that Craig has. He has empathy, sincerity and an excellent bedside manner. I feel he is truly looking out for the best interest of my health and my clients’ health. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with Craig’s coaching.

Zora Benhamou 

3. Summaries, Handouts and Materials

This program aims to empower you towards improving your relationship with food, along with increasing your understanding of Dietary variables and health actions to achieve your long term health goals. 

To support your journey during the program, you will receive:

    1. Access to past recordings
    2. Summary sheets of key points
    3. Possible actions steps to take in order to explore the themes more
    4. Questionnaires and quizzes to evaluate your progress and understanding


4. Access to the Member's Library with Additional Supportive Courses

Once you register, you will receive immediate access to the member’s library. Currently, there are nine courses in the library, including:

    1. What’s Your Cell Blueprint
    2. Inflammation
    3. Four Foundations of Health
    4. Creating Healthy Habits
    5. Optimising Testosterone
    6. PCOS
    7. Estrogen Dominance
    8. Flat Abs
    9. Sleep

5. A Range of Assessment Tools and Trackers

Self-assessments and Trackers are vital tools for understanding your dietary needs and improving your awareness of your nutritional choices.

Here are some of the tools to you will have access to:

    1. Self-assessments on Mindful, Intuitive  and Emotional Eating
    2. Body Composition Tracker
    3. Blood Sugar Tracker
    4. A guide to using the program Cronometer (an online food diary)

6. Twelve Week Movement and Training Plan

The Twelve Week Movement and Training Plan includes Instructions and Printable Programs under the following headings:

    1. Exercise Guidelines 
    2. Functional Training 
    3. Corrective Training             
    4. Resistance Training with Growth, Strength and Endurance phases   
    5. Exercise Variations          
    6. Cardio-Interval Training  

“I first met Craig 18 months ago and he was key to my complete life transformation. The goal was to lose weight (for health reasons not dress size) and more importantly to stop myself getting constantly sick for no reason.  Craig looked at all aspects of my life (stress, sleep, exercise, toxins etc) as it is not just about eating more vegetables. Since then I  have not been sick once since and have lost weight making me feel more energised than I ever before.” 

Michelle Flynn 

“Getting fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier is as much as a mental battle as it is physical. Craig was fantastic in kick starting me in to a new level of balance and discipline in  my busy life which has identified to me the importance of regular activity, healthy eating, and getting plenty of sleep. No matter how busy I am. The way Craig structured my approach helped me to achieve my goals by assessing where my diet can improve, what sort of workouts work best for my body type, and ensuring that I get enough rest. Thanks Craig for helping me realize all these important aspects in the continual quest of work and wellbeing balance.” 

Daniel Weston

About Craig

Craig has over 20 years experience as a coach, and has achieved many qualifications in nutrition, as well as in health, fitness along with mental and lifestyle coaching. He attained a B.A. in Applied Science (Sports Science and Psychology) from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia along with Ohio State University in the United States. Craig went on to certify as a Sports Nutritionist, later Clinical Nutritionist and also holds accreditation as a Performance Enhancement Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in the United States. Craig is passionate about transforming his clients not only physically but also mentally and is a certified ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) coach.