I can not recommend Craig highly enough! The man is a genius!! I first started working with Craig in 2015. I most certainly under ate and over exercised although at the time I was not aware of this. I did Crossfit, HIIT and more active versions of yoga eg. Power yoga, Hot yoga. I went to Craig to check on my hormones mainly. Craig gave me a totally different protocol to follow.  At 47, my body, mind, sleep patterns, stress levels have never been better and that I attribute solely to advice given by Craig!!! He is my guru!!!  

Jenny Brash

“Having the opportunity to work with Craig Burton changed how I approach optimizing my health and fitness. Craig provided me with the Knowledge and deeper understanding that I needed to continue to make lifestyle changes to promote sustainable, optimal health. His holistic approach and customization to my body’s unique needs allowed me to reach my goals in a healthy way. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have him transform not only my nutrition and health but the way I think and nutrition and health.”                           

Isaac Stone Simonelli

I am eternally grateful to have met Craig Burton who has been massively helpful and a total game changer to my and my clients’ lives. Craig’s education, professionalism and experience has made him unique in his approach to help someone take a new perspective, find the motivation they need and look deeper into their physical and mental state to completely transform not only their health, but their lives.  There are few people I know who have the integrity, honesty, morals and values that Craig has. He has empathy, sincerity and an excellent bedside manner. I feel he is truly looking out for the best interest of my health and my clients’ health. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with Craig’s coaching.

Zora Benhamou www.hackmyage.com 

Coaching Sessions Include:

Handouts and Materials

Coaching sessions are supported with a range of materials to guide you after and between sessions including:

  • Personalised Diet Plan
  • Blood Sugar Tracking Plan
  • Body Compostion Form
  • Health Questionnaires
Because ‘if you are not Assessing you are just Guessing’.

“I first met Craig 18 months ago and he was key to my complete life transformation. The goal was to lose weight (for health reasons not dress size) and more importantly to stop myself getting constantly sick for no reason.  Craig looked at all aspects of my life (stress, sleep, exercise, toxins etc) as it is not just about eating more vegetables. Since then I  have not been sick once since and have lost weight making me feel more energised than I ever before.” 

Michelle Flynn www.michelleflynncoaching.com 

“Getting fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier is as much as a mental battle as it is physical. Craig was fantastic in kick starting me in to a new level of balance and discipline in  my busy life which has identified to me the importance of regular activity, healthy eating, and getting plenty of sleep. No matter how busy I am. The way Craig structured my approach helped me to achieve my goals by assessing where my diet can improve, what sort of workouts work best for my body type, and ensuring that I get enough rest. Thanks Craig for helping me realize all these important aspects in the continual quest of work and wellbeing balance.” 

Daniel Weston

About Craig

Craig has over 20 years experience as a coach, and has achieved many qualifications in nutrition, as well as in health, fitness along with mental and lifestyle coaching. He attained a B.A. in Applied Science (Sports Science and Psychology) from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia along with Ohio State University in the United States. Craig went on to certify as a Sports Nutritionist, later Clinical Nutritionist and also holds accreditation as a Performance Enhancement Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in the United States. Craig is passionate about transforming his clients not only physically but also mentally and is a certified ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) coach.