“His expertise, professionalism and passion shine through in all aspects of his consulting and he is recognized as one of the leading experts in Thailand for functional health and clinical nutrition.”       

                                                                              Michelle Cooper, Amity Wellness, Phuket


Let's Get You Started

During the 60 minute consultation, we will:

  • Review your health questionnaires and if received discuss your Lab Test results
  • Set SMART goals, values and establish health targets
  • Have a personalised health plan designed for you with a focus on your nutrition plan that includes meal ideas. But included are lifestyle, mindset and movement strategies.

The consultation will take place on the platforms Zoom or Skype.

USD 149 / 60 minutes 

Follow Up Consultations

A client can then choose to have follow up consultations to ensure ongoing success. We will review your progress and adapt the plan if necessary along with addressing challenges arising.