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A thirst for knowledge on the human body led me to Martial Arts training and then studying Sports Science and Psychology at Edith Cowen University in Perth, Australia and Ohio State University, Columbus, USA. This period deepened my knowledge not only on the human body, but more importantly, it’s inter-relationship with the mind, our self-esteem and confidence!

I was living in London 15 years ago and working as a Personal Trainer, but using my outdated nutrition models like the food pyramid. I developed a severe gut issue that rendered me gluten and dairy intolerant! Suddenly, foods I used to enjoy a lot now caused me so much pain.

A conversation with a fellow trainer opened the door to a new path that led to meeting an amazing group of coaches and holistic/functional medicine doctors who changed how I looked at health forever and so I began challenging all my ideas about health. Since then, getting to the individual/biochemical needs for clients has been at the backbone of my work.